Comparisons Of Elegant Watches Copy Rolex Cellini Time 50505 With IWC Portofino IW511101

Hello, everyone! Nice to meet you again here. Today I’d like to share you two fine watches. They are fantastic replica Rolex Cellini Time 50505 and IWC Portofino IW511101, which are simple but superb. I think the watches are suitable for those who are in low-key and high-level life.

First, let’s see the 39 mm fake Rolex watches. The self-winding watches with 48 hours power reserve have 18 ct everose gold cases, domed and fluted double bezels, flared screw-down everose gold crowns, screw-in everose gold backs and dark brown leather straps. Besides, they have white dials, thin and long everose gold hour marks divided by the minute tracks and everose gold sword-shaped hands.

Next, let’s see the 43.5 mm copy watches made by IWC. Since the watches are hand-winding, they can provide 8 days power reserve. Besides they have 18 k red gold cases and bezels, screw-down 18 k red gold crowns, screw-in 18 k red gold backs and brown alligator leather straps. Besides, they have silver-plated dials, 18 k red gold hour marks, Roman numerals VI and XII, clear black scales and 18 k red gold leaf-shaped hands.

All in all, both of the high-performance replica watches are full of elegance and nobility. They can not only help you have better controls of time, but also enhance their charm and raise their levels.