Stories About Famous Watches Copy Rolex And Tudor (I)

Maybe many fans of Tudor are confused about the relationship between Tudor and Rolex. Why there is logo of Rolex on the back of Tudor? Why the after-sales service of Tudor is at the flagship of Rolex? Here, I’d like to explain the relationship between the two well-known fake watches.

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  1. LOGO – The popular replica Tudor watches belong to Rolex company. Most of Tudor watches imitate the style of Rolex, including Submariner, Day-Date and Datejust. Of course, Tudor has its own collection like Mini-Sub.
  2. CASE – Tudor watches use the Oyster cases of hot copy Rolex watches. There are characters of “Rolex”on the backs. (Some Tudor watches have the crown logo of Rolex on their crowns.) However, Rolex has no characters except for Sea-Dweller. Besides, Tudor is made from 316L stainless steel, while Rolex is made from 904 stainless steel that is more sturdy.
  3. MOVEMENT – Tudor is equipped with ETA movement. It almost don’t use the movements of Rolex.

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