Stories About Famous Watches Copy Rolex And Tudor (II)

In the last post, we have talked about the differences about the hot watches fake Rolex and Tudor from the logo, cases and movement. In this post, let’s see their collection value and serial number.

The hot fake Tudor watches are expensive because of their advanced movements.
Superb Fake Tudor Watches
  1. Collection Value – As one of the member of Rolex, the prominent replica Tudor watchesare a little expensive than the other watch brand because of their advanced and expensive movements. Some Tudor watches were used as military watches, which have superb collection value. The hands with military styles are better than the hands in shape of Mercedes-Benz. The old versions with rose logo are more valuable than the new versions with shield logo.

    The superb copy Tudor watches are worth for collect.
    Valuable Copy Tudor Watches
  2. Serial Number – Different from Rolex, Tudor has no clear record of its serial number. The only way to verify the productive year is to open up the backs of the sealed copy watches. You can see characters like these: I/78,II/88,III/79 or IV/71, of which the first Roman numeral represents the quarter and the second Arabic numeral represents the year.